Industrial Devices India Pvt. Ltd.
Over Seas
Client / Project System Commissioned
Bhrikuti Paper and Pulp Nepal Ltd., Nepal 200 kg/hr and 300 kgs/hr Steam heated vaporizer system. 1998
General Corp of water and sewerage, Baghdad - Iraq 500 nos. of Vacuum Type Chlorinators of capacities ranging from 500 gms/hr to 20 kg/hr 2002
M/s. Aquatreat Exim Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (Export oder for Iraq) 22 x 10 kg/hr Chlorination system

3 x 5 kg/hr Chlorination system
Industrial Chemical Park SAE Egypt 3 nos. of 1250 kgs/hr Steam Heated Chlorine Vaporizer Under Execution
Test Data
Test Data
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