Industrial Devices India Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial Devices India Pvt. Ltd.
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Industrial Devices

LEADER IN CHLORINATORS, VAPORIZERS & SAFETY SYSTEMS Industrial Devices (India) Pvt. Ltd. is based in New Delhi, the capital of India, with manufacturing facility, administrative Office, Design Office and Servicing Department located at prominent Industrial Area, Okhla, New Delhi.We are one of the leading Chlorination System manufacturers in India.

We have supplied Chlorinators and Chlorination Systems to various clients like Municipal Corporations, Thermal Power Stations, Public Health Departments, Chemical Paper Pulp Industries.
Our New Products & Technology

Chlorine Dioxide Generator, Chlorine Dosing System Manufacturers India Chlorine dioxide is an alternative disinfection chemical. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a neutral compound of chlorine in the +IV oxidation state. It disinfects by oxidation; however, it does not chlorinate. It is a relatively small, volatile, and highly energetic molecule, and a free radical even while in dilute aqueous solutions.

Chlorinator Manufacturers in India


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